Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mardi Gras recap...

...or what I can remember, anyway. Last Tuesday, the streets of Eunice, Louisiana were filled with the sites and sound of the traditional Cajun Mardi Gras. (For those of you who have never experienced this, the sights- drunken half wits vomiting off the backs of horses. The sounds- retching, mostly.) Fat Tuesday is as good as excuse as any to dress in rags, drink whiskey at 7 am, and hump the 25 clicks or so that is the Courier de Mardi Gras de Eunice. What? It doesn't sound like fun to you? Well you ain't lived till you've had 3 buzzes by noon, my friend. It's everything an all day drunk should be. Once again (my 15th year or so ) we (Shannon, Alicia and twenty or thirty of our lushiest friends) rode on the Pas Bon wagon (a head start bus converted to a movable debauch). For the second year, the house band on the bus was T- Sale' , so we had some happening music happening right in front of us. The Lost Bayou Ramblers and the Red Stick Ramblers were the official bands of the run, so there was no escaping from the damn fine Cajun music. I don't run it as hard as I used to (noticeably less chicken chasing, child terrorizing, roof climbing and ditch in-jumping than in the days of my youth) but I still have a great time. If my liver holds up, I'll be back next year.


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